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Bringing data ubiquity to the wind turbine inspection market

Tom Sulzer is CEO and Co-founder of Sulzer Schmid. Under his leadership, the company has taken a leading role in solving some of the most complex maintenance issues that wind turbine manufacturers, operators and asset owners are faced with. The Swiss-born CEO is poised to transform the turbine inspection business into a player to reckon with in the Artificial Intelligence age. In this interview, he explains how his company leverages data and technology to bring down O&M barriers and make wind energy assets safer and more profitable.

PES: Welcome to PES Tom. It seems like the business of turbine inspections has been particularly innovative this past decade. How hot is the market right now?

Tom Sulzer: That is very true. More than ever in the wind energy industry, the effective inspection and maintenance of turbine components is expected to fulfill its vital role in ensuring operating assets’ optimal performance and longevity. Investors are demanding steady returns, and this creates a powerful incentive to O&M innovation.

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