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Bringing cable wrapping methods out of extinction

Although dinosaur comparisons in business often refer to outdated machines, in the case of the VelociWrapper, the opposite is true. A play on the fast, fierce and famous dinosaur known as the velociraptor, the VelociWrapper is a cable wrapping machine designed to speed up triplexing. The name is so clever and memorable, it recently won an award for best name at a solar energy convention. PES was keen to find out more.

VelociWrapper was founded by Torrance Bistline, who has installed countless miles of underground MV cable for wind and solar farms. He saw that when triplexing, or trefoiling was required, the standard method was a cumbersome and costly process, which involved people following behind the reel trailer and zip-tying the cables together by hand before it was put into the trench. This process was slow, inefficient, unsafe, and difficult for everyone involved.

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