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An intelligent future for remote inspections

While traditional turbine inspection methods can be slow and error-prone, advancements in Artificial Intelligence technology may hold the answer to  finding defects faster. A solution that will only grow in importance as wind farms themselves grow and offshore locations become increasingly hard to reach. PES was keen to find out more about the possibilities of AI, and the advantages it may bring to the industry from Brian Kim, Senior Software Engineer at Qii.AI.

PES: It’s lovely to welcome you to PES Brian. We’re looking forward to introducing our readers to a new name. With that in mind, perhaps you could give us a brief summary of Qii.AI and your role in the wind industry?

Brian Kim: Thank you for the warm welcome. The Qii.AI software is an end-to-end enterprise solution for drone inspections, from data uploading to report generation. The system includes Qii.AI studio, Qii.AI connect, and Qii.AI edge.
Qii.AI studio is a cloud software integrating data uploading and processing, data sharing, user management, etc. Qii.AI connects and edge are AI embedded inspection software, web and desktop applications.


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