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Advancing wind farm performance with aerodynamics and AI

Over the last three years, artificial intelligence or AI, has boomed, with the release of language models such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Its ability to sustain coherent conversations about any topic has captured the imagination of people across the globe. This increased awareness of the capabilities of AI, has created the largest demand to adopt a technology since the creation of the internet. For all businesses, the ability to derive previously unknown connections or trends from existing data provides near-limitless potential.

This opportunity is no different for the wind sector. 

As a sector producing vast amounts of data from the early design and planning stages to live operations, the challenge is finding the best use cases for AI that ultimately provide the most long-term impact. 

This requirement to define the problem statement is step zero for any successful AI project. With a diverse range of operations in any sector, no one-size-fits-all model can solve all parts of the supply chain. This article will focus on how AI can revolutionise the aerodynamic understanding of wind farms and improve their design and control.

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