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Achieving greater energy independence begins at home

As reliance on solar energy increases, how can traditional PV modules be updated to offer higher efficiency with reduced energy loss and performance? And how does this then translate into cost savings and improved energy output for the end user? We asked these questions and more of Roberto Murgioni, Head of Technical Service and Product Management EU at JinkoSolar EU.

PES: Welcome to PES Roberto. It would be useful to start with a short introduction to the company, for readers who may not know you.

Roberto Murgioni: JinkoSolar is a global leader in the solar industry, with a strong presence in Europe. We specialize in the design, manufacture, and sale of high-quality solar products, including PV modules and storage systems, and have a proven track record of delivering reliable and efficient solutions to our customers.

PES: Solar panel technology has advanced at a fast pace in recent years. What are some of the major changes in technology that you have witnessed?

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