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A holistic approach to wind energy

Kaveh Etemadi, Managing Director, ROBUR Wind GmbH and Director Global Sales of the whole Business Unit ROBUR WND, spoke to PES about his holistic vison and approach to wind: turbines, assets and services. This company offers a total package throughout the life of a turbine, with training and H&S permeating every aspect. Firmly established in Europe, the US and Latin America, their sights are firmly set on Africa and South East Asia.

PES: Hi Kaveh, it’s great to welcome you to PES Wind and to get know a little bit more about ROBUR WIND. I believe you are part of ROBUR?

Kaveh Etemadi: Thanks it’s great to be here. Yes, that’s right, ROBUR WIND is part of the ROBUR Industry Service Group. We are a strong group with 3,000 employees globally and work in the wind, water, energy, industrial and process industries.

PES: It would be lovely to learn a bit more about the background to ROBUR WIND and the services you offer.

KE: ROBUR WIND currently unites six companies: ROBUR Wind GmbH, ROBUR Wind Sp z.o.o., ROSCH Industrieservice GmbH, Ynfiniti from Spain and our renewable energy specialist RME and EREDA. We deploy teams to onshore and offshore wind farms as well as PV plants throughout Europe, Africa, Latin America and the United States.

In addition to erecting, troubleshooting, both minor and large correctives, servicing and installing, inspecting and maintaining wind turbines, from gearboxes to rotor blades, and we also manage the replacement of major components of PV plants. For your renewable energy project, we deliver a holistic approach to development, implementation and asset management and we add value all along the lifetime of the projects.

So as you can see, we offer our services along the entire value chain of a wind turbine and see ourselves as a holistic and globally active specialist for your renewable assets.

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