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A greener future for EV charging

Electric vehicles play a key role in society’s drive towards net zero. But the cost of charging them is likely to be a barrier to their popularity. PES was delighted to hear from Alfred Karlstetter, General Manager at SolarEdge Europe about the possibility of EV charging using solar technology. Could our cars be powered by the sun in the not too distant future?

PES: Welcome to PES Alfred. Let’s start with a little bit about SolarEdge to get us up to date if we may?

Alfred Karlstetter: As you probably know, SolarEdge is one of the world’s leading providers of solar energy solutions for residential and commercial applications. Our PV systems consist of intelligent inverters that manage solar production, Power Optimizers that implement module-level DC optimization, and a monitoring platform for real-time, online module-level performance tracking and remote maintenance.  

SolarEdge has helped companies around the world, of all sizes, move to profitable and clean renewable energy. In fact, more than 30% of Fortune 100 companies have SolarEdge PV systems. Our commercial solar solutions address a broad range of applications and installation types including commercial rooftops such as carports, gas stations, shopping centers, and hotels; industrial rooftops for manufacturing sites and factories; farming and agriculture; public buildings; ground mount projects and floating systems.  


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