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A circular model for the PV value chain: from concept to field experience

Increasing the sustainability of the PV market as it grows is crucial. PES takes a look at some of the research and development taking place to help make this a reality. PHOTORAMA is an EU funded project focusing on improving the recycling of PV panels and recovery of raw materials. Could this circularity model be a possible long-term solution?

Solar energy has been deployed since the 1990s, reaching an impressive global capacity of more than 770GW in 2020. As renewable energy, it has been clearly identified as the best candidate to lead the energy transition, heralded as the ‘king’ of the electricity market by the International Energy Agency. 

In the fight against climate change, solar energy has a crucial role. It will help achieve the carbon neutrality target, something which is hopefully no longer a paradigm. As such, solar energy and more globally the photovoltaic (PV) industry should be exemplary and inclusive to set up good practices and leverage other sectors. 


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