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There is a green wind blowing

Richard L Wottrich, Managing Director, International, IMAP Chicago (Dresner Partners) looks at the future for the alternative energy industry in the US and concludes that we will have to look to our laurels if we are to stay ahead of the global competition … There is a powerful wind emanating out of Washington, foretelling that… Read more »

Warning: BASE jumpers are coming..

In 1912 Frederick Law jumped from the Statue of Liberty in New York City and the modern-day sport of BASE-jumping was born. BASE, an acronym standing for the four categories of fixed objects from which one can jump: Building, Antenna, Span and Earth, has been gaining in popularity recently and it was only ever a… Read more »

Windpower and the military: an

The US military is taking a lead in using economically-viable wind farms to generate low-cost energy for its installations around the US and abroad. While, at face value, this seems to be excellent news for the renewables industry, there is a potential major flaw in the plan, as PES discovers… It was recently reported that… Read more »

My vision

Matias Setälä, Director of Silvasti Logistics, talks to PES about his personal ambitions and puts forward his thoughts about a brighter renewables industry.How did you come to be involved in the renewables industry?Some years ago our company was asked to participate in a tender for wind turbine project transports – that was the first time… Read more »

Clean wind turbines… Inside and out

Clean wind turbines…inside and outDaniel Alessandri, Strategic Marketing Manager for the power generation division of Pall Corporation, considers the effects of the weather on the wind energy sector. {pagebreak} Roneklint, Denmark. Peaceful, sunny and green…what a change of pace from the horrendous past few weeks spent between Paris and England, all this in a matter… Read more »

Dont waste your energy

Don’t waste your energy.Soren Qvist Vestesen discusses how a Vestesen A/S Danvest Wind Diesel System can slash operational and maintenance costs, maximise output potential and cut down on waste energy, with an easily managed automatic back-up system Based in Denmark, Vestesen. {pagebreak} A/S is one of the world’s leading technology specialists for wind-diesel systems with… Read more »