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Zenith excels in inspections

PES investigates how the Altura Zenith unmanned aerial system performs at sea in high winds, as Aerialtronics announces separate radical technical developments with NVIDIA and the IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform on the cloud. Overcoming gales to inspect wind turbines in the Baltic Sea is one reason why Euro Drone Inspections use the Altura… Read more »

Taking the long view

Up until recently in the wind industry, the aim of many players when affecting the choice of technology seemed to be based on making the wind turbine as cheaply as possible. PES gets a different perspective from Jukka-Pekka Mäkinen, President and CEO of The Switch. “We believe looking only at upfront costs is extremely short-sighted,”… Read more »

Transport giants

Universal Transport is driving energy transition forward. The transport of components for wind turbine plants requires a vast amount of intensive preparation; the 70m long rotor blades, especially, create a real challenge. This kind of job is all in a days’ work at Universal Transport, one of the leading contractors in the area of large… Read more »

Safety at dizzying heights

PES discovers the Limpet height safety system, with its Intelligent Climb Assist feature, which includes rescue, evacuation and fall arrest. It provides assisted climbs, no matter your weight, saves maintenance time, down times and in the case of an accident – critical time. “At the top of a wind turbine in France, Gregory, a senior… Read more »


PES brings you the latest on JAN DE NUL’S INSTALLATION SHIP, THE VOLE AU VENT. A jack-up vessel specifically built for work on wind farms. Read on to find out more. On Tuesday September 15th 2016, JAN DE NUL and NOBELWIND will sign the first offshore wind contract for JAN DE NUL’s installation ship, VOLE… Read more »

Storing the sun

Words: Jayesh Goyal, Chief Commercial Officer, Younicos With both PV and battery costs in equally steady and spectacular decline, solar photovoltaics (PV) plus storage is generating a lot of attention. Indeed, with PV bids coming in at record lows in both sunny ($0.03/kWh in Morocco and Dubai) and not-so-sunny regions (¤0.08 in Germany), storing the… Read more »

Cost efficacy in a difficult time

Words: Steven Hughes, Global Asset Management Director for RES Standardisation is needed in our industry to keep costs down and avoid discrepancies. Asset management and O&M can help save costs and counteract inefficiencies. April 2016 was a momentous month for solar energy in the UK. For the first time ever, more power was generated by… Read more »

Exploring the power of the sun

There is a dark cloud hanging over solar energy. Despite frequent government pushes for wider adoption of renewable power sources, progress in recent years has been relatively slow. Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of power quality expert REO UK, explains there may be a way to part the clouds in solar energy. Since the mid-1990s,… Read more »

Multi Flow Technology

Words: Franz Breitwieser, Product Manager, Fronuis International The trend in recent years of rising electricity prices and the falling costs of photovoltaic (PV) systems mean that the cost of generating electricity from PV is now significantly lower than the purchase price of electricity. With feed-in tariffs falling steadily at the same time, it is becoming… Read more »

Innovation meets experience

The new converter technology and the silver-plated CVD-reactors from Silicon Products Bitterfeld GmbH & Co.KG (SPB), lead to a substantial contribution regarding reduced production costs and higher quality of silicon produced by standard Siemens process. This article presents the latest development and technology in the production and purification of trichlorosilane (TCS) and converter technology developed… Read more »

Wireless communication by Trojan

Reliable wireless communication is something people around the globe demand from their service providers. With many telecom network sites located in remote areas where no grid access is possible, or access to the grid is unreliable, alternative power sources are making inroads. Here’s how Trojan is leading the way… To power remote telecom towers in… Read more »

Reshaping the Industry

Benchmarking exercise of predicted and actual production losses based on SCADA data (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). Régis Decoret presents his findings to PES. The need for post construction performance assessmentIt’s nothing new: wind energy is a capital intensive business, meaning that wind farm developers need a significant capital over 
a short period of time… Read more »

Towards life extension

Extending the life of wind turbines is a preoccupation of our industry today. Ángela Angulo, TWI Ltd, tells PES how the TOWERPOWER project will help wind farm owners, operators and insurers collect extremely valuable data. As EU energy policy calls for 20% of the EU’s 3,040 Terra Watt hours per year electricity demand to come… Read more »

Independence: the key to cutting costs

Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore und Consulting GmbH explains to PES how it is possible for them to offer an excellent maintenance service whilst keeping the costs down. They do this by providing a variety of individual service packages through synergies and flexibility…. Maintenance work on offshore wind farms can be a real cost factor for operators…. Read more »

Proactive O&M needed in the wind Industry

Minute inspection of turbines, particularly the blades and rigorous data collection using the GEV Habitat means it’s possible to work through all weather. This contributes to proactive O&M and therefore to cost reduction in our industry. We were at a conference for off-shore wind in Boston recently (the US is a core and expanding market… Read more »

bespoke is the new standard

Growing competition and cost pressure have prompted some companies to delay modernisation projects and new purchases. This decision, while causing a short-term drop in operating costs, will lead to higher operational risks. New maintenance strategies promise high savings potential. However, for power plants and systems in the process industry there is no ‘one size fits… Read more »

Made to measure or off the shelf?

Klaus Hirzel, CEO at Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, questions why turbine manufacturers have never asked suppliers for their ideal set of environmental sensors…. Taller, more extreme, more reliable: in parallel with the increasing requirements 
on wind turbines, the demands on wind sensors for the monitoring and maintenance of the systems are also on the… Read more »

Case carburizing – The secret ingredient of gearbox longevity

Major forces test wind turbine drivetrains, the long-term reliability of which requires special materials meant for significant wear. Case carburizing ensures a competitive solution for lifetime costs of gearboxes’ planetary stages. Jari Toikkanen, Manager of Moventas’ Conceptual Design & Analysis team, explains more… In a wind turbine gearbox, the greatest torque goes through the planetary… Read more »

Moving with the times

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier prepares for the next generation of offshore wind farms. Since the earliest offshore wind farm was installed just over 20 years ago, the offshore wind industry has been characterised 
by continuous improvement and innovation as firms at all junctures along the supply chain have leapt at the challenge to contribute to reducing… Read more »

Virtual Reality comes to the wind industry

It’s March 2016 and Virtual Reality is becoming more and more visible. Facebook buying Oculus Rift for 2 billion dollars made everyone realize this could be the next big thing. And not only Facebook is investing. Big companies – like Google and Samsung – are developing both hard- and software for Virtual Reality. Even small… Read more »

To dismantle or to extend?

Klaus Georg Hansen, Principal Engineer at DNV GL Renewables Certification – Energy explains how it is possible to save costs and maximize return by extending the life of wind turbine and wind farms… Extension of the operating life can be highly interesting for operators, investors and manufacturers in order to maximize the profitability of their… Read more »

Maximising asset value in onshore wind

Do you know what to look for when choosing an asset manager to look after your renewable portfolios? Emily White, managing director of Entap, suggests some key questions that operators and investors should ask. She questions whether asset managers always focus on the things that investors and fund managers really care about. According to Wikipedia,… Read more »

Powering The Future Engaging The Public In The Energy Mix

This month, Dr Stephen Breslin, CEO of Glasgow Science Centre, announced the UK’s first ever coalition of industry and policy-makers to create an exhibition that aims to raise public awareness of the energy challenges that we face and engage in the debate on how to solve them. When it launches in December, Powering the Future… Read more »

Regulatory risk for EU renewables investors greatest in Spain, Italy

Investors in European renewable energy projects face the greatest regulatory risk in Spain, followed by Italy, say the respected financial analysts, Moody’s Investors Service. We present an exclusive extract from their latest report. BackgroundWhile Spain and Italy are presented with the toughest challenges, in contrast, France, Germany and the United Kingdom have strong regulatory frameworks,… Read more »

Real-time underwater noise monitoring as a mitigation tool

Experts in ecology survey innovation, marine consultancy and a host of other specialist legislative disciplines, Baker Consultants are becoming increasingly visible – and respected – in the wind energy arena. Here, they examine the growing influence of underwater noise. In recent years, following publication of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), which requires EU… Read more »

A positive outlook for recruitment opportunities

A multi-sector recruitment specialist, Mane is a rising star in the offshore arena, and has enjoyed a particularly buoyant year thus far – driven chiefly by a reinvigorated European market. We found out a little more about the organisation’s wind energy credentials and took a look at its plans for future growth… BackgroundMane provides Technical… Read more »

Engineering growth

For many years, Denmark has been at the forefront of wind technology, with manufacturers maintaining an edge on competitors through their long history in the industry. However, Danish wind power knows it has to constantly evolve and improve to keep its place at the top of the table. Denmark is home to many small and… Read more »

Fighting fires

Fire is the second leading cause of accidents in wind turbines after blade failure, with the damage caused going far beyond purely financial. Now, the launch of a new fire protection standard will protect the rapidly growing energy industry from financial, economic and reputational risks. A new fire protection standard launched by DNV GL will… Read more »

Diving into the details of 3D subsea cable route inspection

EIVA is a pioneering Denmark-based company that provides software, hardware and integrated solutions for virtually any offshore task in the survey, construction and services industry. We asked one of the organisation’s technical experts to provide us with an in-depth look at how it meets the challenges of subsea visualisation. To ensure safe and efficient operation… Read more »

Between a rock and a hard place

How do you install two 80 metre masts on a hill of rocky terrain in Norway? You enlist the experts. Here, Dulas Site Manager Bob Sharples recounts his experiences of being part of the team that took part in this fascinating and eye-opening recent project. With a history spanning over thirty years and experience of… Read more »

Effective plant monitoring promotes efficient PV

The PV market is growing, with an expected 58.3 GW to be installed in 2015. However, the installed assets and investments require constant, solid and traceable PV plant data monitoring 
in order to determine actual performance and fulfil owner/investor expectations. Juergen Sutterlueti of Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions GmbH, takes us through the issues. Photovoltaic project… Read more »

Introducing Photovoltaic Backwards

On a wider scale, Loser Chemie GmbH develops and distributes future-oriented and environment-friendly products, plants and processes that focus on a great many fields. One of the company’s particular niches, however, is the PV industry and it is currently pioneering the recycling of indium, gallium, tellurium, etc. from thin film photovoltaic waste. The company’s Dr…. Read more »

Stopping the rot

Recent advances in inverter technology and retrofit Balance of System components can ensure optimal PV performance in even the most challenging climatic environments. But just how much of a difference can this new tech make? Balance of System (BoS) technologies are developing rapidly to increase yields from PV plants which presents great opportunities for the… Read more »