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Delays and doubts curbing Italy’s solar potential

Excessive bureaucracy and long waits to connect plants to the grid is slowing down the potential for enormous growth in Italy’s solar energy market. Although the country is a solar power hot spot, with 17,000 plants tapping its plentiful sunlight, approval for such plants can drag very slowly, taking months of painstaking decision-making. {pagebreak} “The… Read more »

Don’t undermine support for wind power, trade body warns EU

A warning not to undermine EU support for renewables has been sounded by a wind energy trade body in a letter to a French minister. The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has expressed its concern about a proposed ‘review clause’ {pagebreak} in the Renewable Energy Directive, and underlined the importance of priority grid access for… Read more »

Euro blow dealt to plans for coal-fired power

Euro MPs have dealt a blow to plans for a new generation of coal-fired power stations after voting for tough curbs to reduce their emissions. The MEPs want to force energy companies to fit expensive equipment to trap the emissions, the limit of which is the same as that set by California – 500 grams… Read more »

Wind farm impact on birds minimal, new report says

Fears that wildlife, particularly birds, is affected by wind farms have been allayed in a new study which shows that turbines have little impact on them. “This should be welcome news for nature conservationists, wind energy companies and policy-makers”, {pagebreak} the report from the UK’s Newcastle University said, adding that carbon-free wind power is also… Read more »

Cut fossil fuels in 20 years, UK told

An end to the use of fossil fuels needs to happen in the UK within 20 years, the government’s climate change watchdog has warned. The independent Climate Change Committee also says the government should set a 2050 target of cutting all greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 per cent – including those from aviation… Read more »

Businesses ‘missing out’ on energy cost savings

Almost all businesses in the UK are unaware of an incentive scheme to help improve energy efficiency, according to new industry research. The survey involving 1,300 businesses across offices, retail and leisure, conducted by Daikin UK, revealed that 92 per cent companies are currently unaware of the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme set up… Read more »

China ‘should act now’ on climate change, says top Beijing official

A senior Chinese climate change advisor has broken ranks to criticise his country’s stance on global warming as its economy develops. Hu Angang, a public policy professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, has urged China to act on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, even as the government says it should not assume international obligations to curb… Read more »

Renewables results in UK regions

A government survey of energy trends in the UK has revealed that Scotland generates twice as much wind energy as England. The quarterly survey, published by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform throws up a number of interesting statistics in relation to renewables in the UK. {pagebreak} And while Scotland has greater renewables… Read more »

Wind farm offer bucks shares trend

Shares in a Scottish wind farm have exceeded market expectations, raising more than £1.25 million of investment. The Great Glen Wind Farm Co-op share offer closed recently, and delighted investors by surpassing its target by more than five times. The scheme is being run by Energy4All, a not-for-profit company set up to spearhead community-owned renewable… Read more »

Internet giant gets in on renewables act

Search engine leader Google has outlined a plan for the United States to cut its reliance on fossil fuels by 2030. The California-based company has called for a big push in wind, solar and geothermal power to largely replace fossil fuels. Hybrid and electric cars would also get a major boost. {pagebreak} Eric Schmidt, Google’s… Read more »

World bank gives US$2.7b for renewable energy

The World Bank Group’s funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes has increased by a massive 87% in the last year, it has recently been revealed. A statement by the Bank said $2.7b was used to fund renewable energy and energy efficiency commitments for the year ending 30 June 2008. {pagebreak} The funding includes… Read more »

Credit crunch shortfall warning for renewables

Senior bankers have warned the renewable energy sector of a €21 billion shortfall in debt finance by 2020 following the credit crisis and a brake on lending. European wind and solar power projects drew 18 billion euros investment in 2007 and needed about 85 billion euros annually by 2020 to meet EU targets, said Tanja… Read more »

Energise change for power energy solutions

Only central government commitment to renewable energy adoption will prevent a UK-wide energy crisis, a top managements consultant has said. David Hughes, utilities practice director at ABeam Consulting, said the skyrocketing price of oil means it is ‘not feasible’ to rely on fossil fuels in the long term. {pagebreak} “Global warming makes matters worse, pushing… Read more »

Agreement on PV demand levels for the next decade

Photovoltaic energy could provide 12% of European electricity demand by 2020, a conference has heard. More than 4,000 scientists and 750 companies gathered in Valencia recently to present significant innovations in the field of solar photovoltaic energy to EPIA, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association. {pagebreak} The industry unanimously agreed that the evolution of solar photovoltaic… Read more »

Support pledged for expanded UK nuclear industry

Despite calls for more investment in renewables and clean energy, UK business minister John Hutton has pledged ‘maximum support’ for new nuclear power stations in the UK. At the first meeting of the Government’s new Nuclear Development Forum Mr Hutton said that energy from new nuclear generators is indispensable for keeping the UK’s lights on,… Read more »

Wind not cars will use most steel claims MEP

The European wind power industry could replace the automotive sector as the biggest user of steel by 2020, a Green MEP has claimed. Luxemburg MEP Claude Turmes, who helped a report calling for massive investment in renewables reach almost unanimous backing by the industry committee of the European Parliament, said the legislation would lead to… Read more »

Finns agree to massive wind farm expansion

Finland is the latest country to approve the development for wind farm parks in key catchment areas close to coastlines and the sea. The Finnish Government has agreed to build a number of wind power plants over the next ten years with the aim of generating about 2000 megawatts of wind power by 2020. In… Read more »

UK CO2 reduction buyout ‘appalling’ says scientist

A plan by the British government to buy its way out of half its CO2 reduction targets weakens efforts to reverse climate change, a top scientist has claimed. Dr Keith Allott, head of the WWF-UK’s climate change programme, said a leaked report which suggested EU nations should be allowed to trade away 50 per cent… Read more »

UK task force announced

A plan to create a government office to give a leg-up to the UK’s renewables industry has been welcomed by the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA). Secretary of State John Hutton has announced a proposed Office for Renewable Energy Deployment. The office, which should be up and running in the spring of 2009, pending the… Read more »

EU a ‘world leader’ in climate change policy

The EU has chosen a more efficient, sustainable and affordable future through its policies to use renewable energy and fight climate change, says a new report. The International Energy Agency says the EU is a world leader in beginning to mitigate the effects of global warming through ambitious proposals on climate change and energy policies…. Read more »

Cinema goes solar

A slice of California’s rich cinematic history will soon be undergoing the solar treatment, the first cinema of its kind in the United States to do so. The Fairfax 5 Theatres complex in the town of Fairfax will install a PV system, resulting in savings of more than $600,000 over its 30-year life span. The… Read more »

Germany scales back feed-in tariff

Renewable energy consumers in Germany are celebrating after the government said it would scale back the feed-in tariff by only 9-10 per cent each year until 2011. The news is a huge boost for renewables in Germany, as it was expected that a 30 per cent scale back would be implemented. {pagebreak} In 1999, the… Read more »

Renewables staffing shortage?

The need to recruit people with the right skills is causing worries in the renewables sector as demand for good employees far outstrips supply. With the cost of energy rising rapidly, the need for alternative supplies and people with relevant skills to produce it is producing challenges says Stuart Brown, Practice Head of Energy and… Read more »

Brit firm highly praised

Pioneering UK green electricity firm Ecotricity has been highly commended in a national awards ceremony that honours green business. The company, which introduced green electricity as a consumer choice for the first time when it was launched in 1995 was praised for its efforts at the 2008 Barclays Commercial Bank Green Leaders in Business Awards…. Read more »

US wind shifts up a gear

While the debate over offshore oil drilling in the United States rages, the federal government is looking to lease large swathes of its continental shelf to wind turbine operators. Competition is hotting up to develop wind projects on the shelf, which is currently covered by an oil-drilling ban that has become a contentious issue in… Read more »

Dynamic demand

Technology launched to cut unnecessary power generation Dynamic demand for electricity is a step closer with the launch of innovative new technology from energy company RLtec. Dynamic demand is a way of managing electricity consumption that delivers significant cost and carbon savings, and is increasingly recognised as a key technology for reducing carbon dioxide emissions…. Read more »

Energy awards

Entries sought for 2009 awards European and global companies in the renewable energy sector are being asked for submissions to the second annual Rosenblatt New Energy Awards. The Awards are being staged at London’s Natural History Museum on Wednesday 25th February 2009 to recognise the achievements of management teams, companies and projects that have made… Read more »

Revolution now

Radical solutions call to reverse carbon levels A call for governments to adopt a ‘global energy technology revolution’ has been made in a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA).The report, entitled ‘Energy Technology Perspectives 2008′ indicates that if countries continue with their existing policies, global carbon emissions will rise by 130 per cent while… Read more »

Unep Report

‘Green’ energy spending on rise Global investment in green energy surged ahead in 2007 and has continued to grow this year despite turmoil in financial markets, a report says. Spending on green power last year hit $148bn (£75bn), up 60% from 2006, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) said. {pagebreak}   Rising oil prices, concerns over… Read more »

United front

Ireland and Scotland unite in green energy plan The Irish and Scottish governments and the Northern Ireland executive are co-operating on a plan for a wind electricity grid linking all three jurisdictions. Energy ministers recently launched the plan to make the case for an offshore wind-power grid operated by all three administrations. {pagebreak}   “This… Read more »

Congestion charge

Hydro power for city tram system A collaboration to provide hydroelectricity for the tram system in Manchester, UK, comes hot on the heels of an announcement that the UK city will be the second place in Britain to introduce congestion charging. Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) and the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive (GMPTE) {pagebreak}… Read more »

Back on track

European utilities acquire Shell’s stake in world’s largest offshore wind farm The world’s biggest offshore wind farm has been put back on track after the UK energy minister boasted that the technology could attract £3bn investment to the north-east of England alone. A host of wind schemes have been hit by planning delays, cost-inflation fears… Read more »

Oil price hike is good news for wind power

With oil prices reaching record levels and natural gas doubling in price over the last two years, the main beneficiaries are wind power and the environment. Manel Romeu Belles, of Danish turbine company Vestas, looks at how the harnessing of the wind is becoming a complement to oil and gas. {pagebreak} Over the last few… Read more »

Wind as a modern energy source

Wind as a modern energy source: The Vestas View.Wind is an energy source which can help the world’s largest and fastest growing economies to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and on imported energy. {pagebreak} Over the past couple of years, Vestas, the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, has experienced tremendous growth, and the company… Read more »

Automated manufacturing set to slash solar costs

By ramping up production capacity while driving down unit cost through new mass-production technologies and strategies, solar power is poised to reach a much wider market.KUKA Systems’ goal is to pioneer automated manufacturing solutions, including robotized cells and integrated production lines that can be adapted to any type of solar-cell technology, so that a labour-intensive… Read more »