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Upping the stakes: expanding horizons

As wind turbines get bigger, wind parks larger and authorities and safety standards are continuously raised by authorities and energy companies,
offshore shipping becomes more and more specialised. PES caught up with
Sven Boedewig, Managing Director of Waterworks Offshore Concepts, to find out how modern ship finance is meeting high-quality brokerage to get a fair deal.

PES: Hi Sven, welcome to PES Wind, it’s great to feature you and Waterworks Offshore Concepts again in this interview following the chat we had with your Partner Valentin earlier this year.

Sven Boedewig: My pleasure and thanks for having us! We have come a long way since the last interview and are happy to share our progress and elaborate on our key services.

PES: What has been keeping you busy so far in 2021?

SB: Since our shift from competitive brokerage to being a financial intermediate and advisor, we deal with ship finance projects and investments which has kept us busy so far this year. Plus, we are working more and more on merger and acquisition (m&a) related projects.

PES: Would you say the strategy shift has been the right decision for Waterworks?

SB: Yes, definitely. We feel very fortunate to say that feedback from the market has been very positive and we quickly managed to work on new projects. These have mostly been on asset-backed debt finance and equity investments in vessels working in offshore wind.

PES: You just mentioned M&A, where does that come in?

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