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  • Preventive maintenance on solar power plants

    There are 4 common types of maintenance: corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, risk-based maintenance and condition-based maintenance The solar panel cleaning robot from... Read more
  • Modelling the wake effect

    External wakes could reach further than the offshore wind industry previously predicted, bringing financial implications for wind farm developments For offshore wind to live up... Read more
  • Protection as the best line of defence

    As wind farms move further offshore, how can they be protected from corrosion while keeping costs down and maintenance time to a minimum To find out what solutions might be... Read more
  • Peak shaving

    Our energy infrastructure is a very fragile and sophisticated system There needs to be sufficient energy to meet demand at all times We as users must not be affected by this,... Read more
  • Exploring the failure of solar PV assets

    Even a small failure can have serious and wide-ranging consequences for the ongoing operation of a solar project However, by understanding what caused the failure, steps can be... Read more
  • Achieving energy efficiency

    Offshore wind service provider CBED recently received some very encouraging news on energy saving investments on board their walk-to-work SOV, Wind Innovation In this interview,... Read more
  • Let’s talk hydraulic torque

    The wind industry has a huge number of bolted joint connections and, for the most part, they are critical to both performance of the turbine and safety of those working on or... Read more
  • Moving in to top gear with EVs

    Fuel prices are rising exponentially across the world and demand for cleaner, cheaper electric vehicles is growing We thought it was a good time to catch up with Soltaro CEO Tynan... Read more
  • Safety, service, sustainability and smartness

    In a growing offshore wind market, there is a need to adapt to rapid change As wind wheels and wind farms grow in size, increasing amounts of electricity will be produced,... Read more
  • Developing a sustainable PV framework: an opportunity for impact

    April 2022 saw an important landmark event: 1 TW of globally installed solar capacity  Solar power entered the terawatt age It is staggering to consider that solar power is set... Read more

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Solar Solutions and AIONRISE partner for the manufacture of Electrolux solar modules for North America

Anaheim, 19th September 2022 -Solar Solutions Group, official licensee of Electrolux branded solar products, is pleased to announce a  partnership with AIONRISE for the manufacture of high quality Electrolux solar modules for the North American market and beyond. The Electrolux brand has always stood for  quality, forward-thinking, design-led solutions and and has a huge focus… Read more »

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Denmark’s CNC Onsite first to offer onsite wind turbine blade root repairs

VEJLE, Denmark, 8 September 2022 – Blade root damage to older wind turbines previously could only be repaired at the manufacturing site, requiring expensive logistics and long downtime, which often left operators with no choice but to purchase a new blade or scrap the entire turbine. With its new portable tool developed to efficiently replace… Read more »

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Cornwall Insight responds to the government energy announcement

Gareth Miller, CEO at Cornwall Insight said: “Cornwall Insight welcomes the government’s objective to address the affordability of energy for both domestic and business consumers in the UK. The policy announcements made today will alleviate some of the hardship consumers have been concerned about for many months. “On the household side of the equation, industry… Read more »

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Dan Bernadett Joins ArcVera Renewables to Lead Global Wind Engineering Team

ArcVera Renewables, a leading provider of consulting and technical services for wind, solar and energy storage projects, confirms the appointment of Dan Bernadett as its new Global Director of Wind Engineering. Mr. Bernadett comes to ArcVera Renewables from UL Renewables, and before that AWS Truepower, where he held titles such as Chief Engineer and Global… Read more »

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More energy out of the wind: Graz-based green tech eologix receives million-euro investment

eologix, Austrian market leader for ice detection on wind turbines, develops sensors that measure directly on the rotor blade surface, making renewable energies even more attractive. With new international investors, novel applications and internationalization are now to be driven forward. Graz, Austria: Renewable energies can ensure a secure energy future. The Graz-based green tech eologix… Read more »

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ABB & Caverion collaborate to accelerate carbon-neutral buildings

ABB and Caverion, a Northern & Central European-based expert for smart and sustainable built environments, today announced an agreement to strengthen their collaboration to advance energy efficiency and sustainability. The shared aim of the collaboration is to address carbon reduction challenges in select markets by providing advanced, joint offerings in line with evolving customer needs… Read more »

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